Sierra Nevada Alpacas: Nevada's Best Kept Secret

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David & Jeannette Miller
305 Rowel Circle
Reno, Nevada 89506
Phone 775-969-3871
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About Us


Sierra Nevada Alpacas began in the Fall of 1997.From a small foundation herd (purchased at celebrity auctions) we have grown to a herd of over 90 animals.

Our breeding/herd management program is driven by two goals:

  1. Maintaining a stress fee, IWC Replica Watches alpaca-friendly environment
  2. Producing healthy, happy alpacas with superior fiber, flawless conformation, perfect dentition and fabulous temperament.

A key element of our herd management routine is daily one-on-one interaction with each and every member of our herd.  We believe that although personality and temperament are partially determined by genetics,socialization plays  an important part in these traits


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Jeannette @ 775-969-3871