Sierra Nevada Alpacas: Nevada's Best Kept Secret

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Sierra Nevada Alpacas is one of the in the state of Nevada specializing in the breeding and sales of Huacaya Alpacas producing Superior Fiber.and We heavily promote the fabulous end products made from the the fleeces.

Our herd consists of approximately 90 Huacayas in all colors from white to black.  Each alpaca is "touched" each day,making halter training and general handling a positive, non stressful event for  both alpaca and handler.   We believe that many behavior traits are  inherited but that environmental factors such as calm, assertive handling/training creates a much calmer,happier alpaca. This farm only attends about 1 show/year,  however we  have office walls   covered w/ribbons and awards.  Call for an appointment to come visit these wonderful,curious and gentle alpacas and the products made from their fiber.